Coral Trollwise
Coral Trollarwise
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race Troll
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Status Alive
Location Trollzopolis

Coral Trollarwise is a troll who lives in Trollzopolis. She goes to Trollzopolis High and is in the ninth grade. She is also Ruby Trollman's nemesis. 

Description from Trollz.comEdit

You know those cheerleaders that are bubbly and nice and full of sugar and spice? Well that's great! Unfortunately, Coral isn't one of them. She's the head cheerleader at Trollzopolis High and she and her friends Opal Trollangel and Jade Trollberger are always out to pick on the BFFL crew in way that oh-so-mean girls do.

Name MeaningEdit

Coral's name is derived from the semi-precious marine coral (Corallium rubrum) that has a hard skeleton with intense colors that vary from pale pink to warm reddish pink to deep red. They are used for decorations such as jewelry and ornaments.