Species: Troll
Affiliations: Ancients
Magic of the Ten
Corresponding Troll: Onyx Von Trollenberg
Allies: Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Topaz, Zirconia, Obsidian, Mr. Trollheimer and Grandma Van Der Troll
Enemies: Simon and Snarf

Spinell is a troll. He is the fifth Ancient and he mentors Onyx Von Trollenberg. Simon transformed Spinell into a dragon, and Spinell's wife Zirconia was trapped in a tree.

Official DescriptionEdit

While Zirconia was imprisoned inside a tree, her husband Spinell was locked in another kind of prison. He was transformed as a ferocious Dragon, which might be okay except for the painful fire-breathing sneezes!

Some guys would love the chance to breathe fire, but Spinell's not one of them. Spinell would much rather be reading the paper, drinking black coffee (no sugar) and making cynical remarks to his wife Zirconia - this makes him the perfect match for his corresponding Troll, Onyx.