Trollz: You Glow Girls! the Movie was the planned fourth volume of the Trollz DVDs. It had a scheduled release date for June 3rd, 2008. If it was going to follow the trend of the first three volumes, it would have featured the fourth story arc of the show — "The Dating Game", "Mirror Mirror" and "Ruby's Rules Of Partying" — as a 67-minute movie. It is unlikely to ever be released, though the episodes are available to buy on iTunes and Vudu. The title is a play on the encouraging phrase "you go girl" because a female troll's gem glows.

Unknown Release DateEdit

A user on named hahamam emailed NCircle Entertainment, the Trollz DVD distributors, and received a reply which they shared in's Trollz forum:

Thank you for your inquiry about Trollz DVD's. While we have released 3 Trollz DVD's, the retail / consumer market has not embraced these as we had hoped therefore we have pushed the release dates of both A Hair A-Fair and You Glow Girls back indefinitely while we continue to work the catalog titles: Best Friends for Life, Magic of the Five and Hair Over Heels.

We feel very strongly about the Trollz brand, but re-launching a DVD back into the market can be challenging and takes a bit of time since retail perceptions are often "jaded" from prior sales history and ultimately consumer demand.

Please continue to keep in touch and we hope to release these Trollz DVD's sometime in 2009.

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