Species: Troll
Affiliations: Ancients
Magic of the Ten
Corresponding Troll: Topaz Trollhopper
Allies: Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Onyx, Spinell, Obsidian, Mr. Trollheimer and Grandma Van Der Troll
Enemies: Simon and Snarf
Zirconia is a troll. She is the fourth Ancient and she mentors Topaz Trollhopper. Zirconia was imprisoned inside a tree in the Haunted Woods for 3000 years by Simon, while her cynical husband Spinell, the fifth Ancient, was transformed into a dragon. Topaz and her friend Onyx save Zirconia in "The Tree and the Dragon".

Official Description

What's your biggest fear? If your answer is being transformed into a tree and imprisoned for 3000 years then you and Zirconia (the fourth Ancient) have lots in common. Zirconia looks gross and grimy, but if Topaz (her corresponding Troll) learns to be accepting of her corresponding Ancient, it may be shopping spree time. Maybe there's a fashion queen underneath that dirty sack cloth! Who knows?